The lid of the water cup is made of plastic. Is it normal for it to break if accidentally touched?

After receiving a message from a fan, “The lid of the water cup is made of plastic. Is it normal for it to break if you accidentally touch it?” We contacted the fan and learned that the lid of the thermos cup purchased by the fan was plastic and had been used for less than a month. At that time, I accidentally dropped the water cup on the table when delivering it to the dinner table. After picking it up, I found that the lid of the water cup was obviously broken. Is it possible for the other party to contact the merchant to replace the lid? The answer was that this was a man-made breakage and there would be a charge if the lid was replaced.

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Fans couldn’t understand that after only using it for less than a month, the lid broke after being dropped from a low table. Isn’t this a quality problem that the merchant should replace for free? Fans were even more unhappy when they learned that it cost 50 yuan to replace a cup lid. It cost 90 yuan to buy a cup, and it actually cost more than half of the cost to change a cup lid. So fans left me a message asking us to help analyze it. Is this breakage normal?

First of all, we all know that there are clear regulations in my country’s consumer protection rights and interests. The sale of goods requires three guarantees, and if there are quality problems with the goods within the specified time, merchants must provide consumers with free replacement or return obligations. However, in the consumer protection rights and interests, it is clearly stated that businesses that have product functions, missing or appearance damage caused by human factors can provide repair and replacement services for a fee. So friends, let’s take a look at it. This fan’s water cup is not his. Be careful if it touches the ground from the dining table. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, this is damage to the goods caused by human factors. Therefore, according to the regulations on consumer protection rights, whether the merchant is reasonable or not does not fall into this category.

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Secondly, if the consumer believes that this kind of breaking behavior is a product quality problem and should not be attributed to man-made problems, then the consumer can complain to the local consumer association and quality inspection agency. However, in line with the principle of whoever complains has to provide evidence, consumers need to provide their own evidence. The product is tested by a third-party testing agency. After it is determined that there is indeed a quality problem, the consumer association will cooperate with the quality inspection agency to help consumers claim their rights and interests.

I believe that many friends will say that this is too troublesome when they see this. A water cup costs less than 100 yuan. It is enough to buy 100 water cups for the cost. Since the editor has mentioned this, I naturally understand the fans very well. The reality is really As my friends understand, if you buy a product that is not expensive, if it is indeed damaged by human factors, even if the product itself has quality problems, it will be really difficult to make a claim or return or exchange the product for free.

Finally, we will analyze it from the perspective of many years of experience in the factory that produces water cups. Fans said that the water cup was accidentally knocked from the dining table to the ground. So the height of the dining table used in our families is usually 60cm-90cm. So many friends may not know that there is a test called drop test in the water cup test. When the water cup is full of water, place it in the air at a height of 60-70 cm from the ground. Place the template 2-3 cm behind the ground and let the water cup fall freely. Finally, observe whether the water cup is seriously damaged. A qualified water cup must be deformed but not deformed. It cannot affect the functional use. Paint peeling and pitting can occur but no breakage or damage can occur.

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So from this point of view, does this fan’s water cup meet the drop test standards? What do you think, friends? Based on the fracture position in the picture provided by the fan, the water cup should not weigh much when it falls. From the picture, apart from the obvious fracture, there are no obvious impact marks caused by the fall near the fracture. You can see that this accessory is not big at the location of the break. Usually stainless steel water cup lids are made of PP material. The PP material itself has elasticity and high impact resistance, which means that PP material breakage is rare. During production, One way to cause PP material products to easily break is to add a large amount of recycled material during production (what is recycled material? I won’t go into details here.). The recycled material directly destroys the original combination of new materials. Force, so that brittle fractures and other situations will occur.

We ultimately recommend that fans try to communicate through the platform. If that doesn’t work, they can only use other brands of water bottles.


Post time: Jan-22-2024