What materials can be used to make a double-layered water cup? What are the differences?

There are various kinds of water cups on the market, with different styles and colorful colors. There are stainless steel water cups, glass water cups, plastic water cups, ceramic water cups and so on. Some water glasses are small and cute, some are thick and majestic; some water glasses have multiple functions, and some are simple and simple; some water glasses are colorful, and some are solid and simple. People can choose a water cup that suits them according to their own needs, choose their favorite style, and choose their favorite color.

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In order to make their water cups stand out among many peer products, various merchants have come up with a variety of marketing points. Among them, double-layer thermal insulation, double-layer heat insulation, and double-layer anti-fall are used by many manufacturers. So what materials can be used for water cups? What about the double layer? What are the differences?

Compared with single-layer water cups, the production of double-layer water cups is more difficult and the production cost increases. However, in order to cater to the market and not lose the competitiveness of peers, many manufacturers are flocking to it. First of all, there are various types of metal water cups represented by stainless steel water cups. To make a metal double-layer water cup, first of all, the hardness of the material has requirements, and secondly, the material can meet the needs of welding and ensure that melting and deformation will not occur during welding. Currently, the metal water cups on the market that make double-layered water cups are mainly made of stainless steel and titanium. Other materials such as aluminum have low melting points and are not suitable for double-layered water cups. For example, gold and silver are not suitable for double-layered water cups due to their expensive materials and difficult processing. Water glass.

Not all double-layer stainless steel water cups are thermos cups, and some double-layer stainless steel water cups do not have the thermal insulation function due to considerations of function, appearance, and craftsmanship.

Plastic water cups also have double layers. The double-layer plastic water cups are beautiful and can also provide heat insulation. Even if hot water is poured in, the heat will be immediately conducted to the surface of the water cup, making it impossible to pick it up. At the same time, water condensation beads will not quickly form on the surface of the water cup and become slippery because of the ice water inside the cup. The production of double-layer plastic water cups requires materials. Some materials cannot be bonded together due to their characteristics or are not bonded firmly together. Such materials cannot be used. Double-layer plastic water cups currently on the market usually use PC materials.

Glass water bottles can also be made into double layers. The main purpose is to provide heat insulation. However, double-layer glass water bottles are usually heavier due to the density of the material. In addition, the material is fragile, so it is very inconvenient to carry when going out.

Finally, let’s talk about ceramic water cups. When everyone uses various types of ceramic water cups, they should generally use single-layer ones, and rarely use double-layer ones. This is because ceramic water cups are mostly used indoors and are extremely difficult to use. It is rare to carry it out, so merchants do not need to consider the reasons for heat insulation to produce double-layered ceramic water cups. In addition, the production process of ceramic water cups is completely different from the production methods of water cups made of the previous materials. The yield rate of double-layered water cups is low and the production efficiency is low. Low, so there are almost no factories to produce. But by chance, the editor saw a double-layer ceramic water cup in the market. The appearance design is relatively novel, but the same thing as the glass water cup is that the material density is high, and the double-layer ceramic water cup has a green body. It will be thicker, so the water cup is heavier overall and is not suitable for carrying.

Post time: Jan-05-2024