Why does the thermos cup I purchased make abnormal noise inside after being used for a period of time?two

Why does the getter fall off? After it falls off, can it be corrected to its original position so that abnormal noise no longer occurs?

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The reason why the getter falls off is mainly caused by improper welding. The getter is very small. During the welding process, the welding position is usually small and the welding time is fast. Therefore, it is inevitable that some getters will have problems such as virtual welding. In addition, The water cup must be processed in a vacuum furnace at 600°C for 4 hours.

Some getters with problems such as improper welding and virtual welding will cause the solder joints to desolder or aggravate the virtual welding due to long-term high temperatures. The thermos cups that are found to have abnormal noise will be eliminated before leaving the factory, but those water cups with weak welding cannot be inspected because they did not fall off at the time and flow into the market. When consumers purchase and use it, due to external impact or bump, the getter of the virtual soldering falls off, causing abnormal noise.

There is no way to repair the getter after it has fallen off, because the entire water cup is completely welded by laser welding and cannot be opened for repair like other products. However, some consumers found abnormal noises and shook them vigorously, causing the getter to get stuck between the layers at the bottom of the cup. In some cases, the force of the jam was relatively strong, so the abnormal noises would no longer occur. But in most cases the getter will fall off again.

Does the noisy water cup affect its use?

Except for the abnormal noise during use, the abnormal sounding water cup has the same functions as the good quality water cup. The insulation effect will not be reduced due to the fallout of the getter, nor will the other functions of the water cup be damaged due to the fallout of the getter. But according to the editor’s understanding, many friends have some obsessive-compulsive disorder and always feel that using it affects their mood. It depends on the length of time you purchased it. If it is less than 7 days, return it quickly. If it is used more than 7 days, it depends on you. Needed.

Post time: Dec-28-2023