Make tea in a thermos cup, remember 4 tips, the tea soup is not thick, not bitter or astringent


Now is a good time for spring outing.

Kazuki’s flowers bloom just right.

Looking up, the new leaves between the branches look green.

Walking under the tree, the dappled sunlight shines on the body, which is warm but not too hot.

It is neither hot nor cold, the flowers bloom just right, and the scenery is pleasant in late spring and April. It is suitable to go out for a stroll and get close to nature.

green tea

Now when you go out to climb mountains or go to the park, it is better to take a cup of hot tea with you.

After all, summer has not officially entered yet, and it is not yet the season when you can wear short sleeves with confidence.

When you are away from home, it is more comfortable to drink some hot tea.

In order to drink good tea anytime, anywhere, the thermos cup is a great tool.

However, many tea friends have reported that it is very easy to step on the pit when making tea in a thermos cup.

Often when making tea, either the taste of the tea becomes too strong and bitter, or when I unscrew the lid to drink the tea, I find there is a weird metallic taste inside, so I dare not drink it again.

Let me ask, what should I do if I want to make tea in a thermos cup without overturning the car?

1. Choose a food-grade stainless steel cup.

Keeping the tea warm will cause the tea soup to have a strange “metallic taste”?

Combined with life experience, this possibility cannot be ruled out.

But those thermos cups that emit a strange smell are all of low quality and not worth buying.

To be on the safe side, when you buy a thermos, you should not only look at the heat preservation effect, but also pay more attention to the material selection.

Buy a reliable brand of thermos cups made of food-grade stainless steel to prevent the appearance of metallic taste!

food grade thermos cup

When you buy a new cup, it is recommended to wash it with boiling water first.

If necessary, you can open the mouth and allow it to ventilate naturally for a period of time before using it.

In addition, in order to avoid the trouble of peculiar smell when drinking tea with a thermos cup. In the process of daily use, we should also pay attention to cleaning in time.

After each use, especially after soaking strong-smelling objects such as astragalus, wolfberry, and red dates, be sure to wash it in time and open it for ventilation.

After making tea, it must be cleaned in time to prevent leaving tea stains.

Considering the straight thermos cup, the mouth of the cup is narrow, and it is difficult to reach in and clean it. The bottom of the thermal insulation liner is very easy to leave a hygienic corner to hide dirt.

For this reason, it is necessary to add a special cup brush for a thorough cleaning!

2. Appropriately reduce the amount of tea input.

When making tea, there is such a golden rule – as long as the tea set cannot realize the separation of tea and water, it is better to put less tea leaves when making tea.

For example, a glass.

For example, mugs.

For another example, the protagonist thermos mentioned today, they are all like this.

Gaiwan, teapot and other kung fu tea sets, they can be brewed once, brewed once, and the tea can be separated quickly.

The principle of making tea in a thermos cup is very simple, that is, let the tea leaves be soaked in high-temperature hot water for a long time to continuously release tea-flavored substances.

glass cup of tea

In addition, unlike glass cups, the biggest feature of thermos cups is the word “insulation”.

Boil a pot of boiling hot water and pour it into it. After half a day, the temperature in the cup will not decrease at all.

This determines that when making tea with a thermos cup, the tea leaves face an extremely harsh environment.

Long-term high-temperature simmering will cause the soluble tea-flavored substances inside the tea to be released all at once.

Since the tea water is not separated, if a large amount of tea is added, the taste of the brewed tea soup will be too strong, too bitter, too astringent, and become unpalatable.

Therefore, when making tea with a thermos cup, the amount of tea should not be too much.

Under normal circumstances, about 2-3 grams of tea is more than enough for a straight cup with a capacity of about 400 ml.

To be on the safe side, when you are considering the amount of tea to use, the general direction is that less should not be more.

To brew a cup of tea, all it takes is a pinch of dry tea.

3. Drink it in time to avoid the tea soup from changing its taste.

When going out for an outing, use a thermos cup to make tea, which can realize “hot tea freedom”.

Anytime, anywhere, as you like, you can drink tea by unscrewing the lid.

The thermos cup with excellent heat preservation effect can pour hot tea into the cup and screw on the lid to seal it. Even after opening it overnight, the tea poured out of it was still boiling hot and still steaming.

But from the perspective of appreciating the taste of tea, overnight tea is not recommended.

To put it more broadly, make tea in a thermos cup and drink it in time.

Ideally, it is best to finish drinking within three to five hours.

When you are away from home, drive to the suburbs for a self-driving tour. When you arrive at the rest stop, you can continue to add hot water and continue to make a cup of tea.

If the tea is brewed for too long, the aroma and taste of good tea will be easily destroyed in a long-term high-temperature and stuffy environment.

To put it more bluntly, even if the tea soup itself has not deteriorated, there is no strange smell.

But during the standing time, the tea that has been brewed has become no longer fresh in the morning.

In order to avoid wasting good tea, it is better to drink it as soon as possible without waiting for the flowers to be empty.

Speaking of this, let me make a digression. For a cup with excellent thermal insulation performance, if you directly open the lid and drink tea, the temperature of the tea is still boiling hot.

At this time, if you drink it rashly, it is easy to burn the oral mucosa and it is very hot.

For this reason, it is recommended to try small sips first.

Or after pouring out the hot tea, it is not too late to drink it

In many cases, it is not recommended to use a thermos cup for good tea.

Because, making good tea is still inseparable from the gaiwan.

Brewed successively in a white porcelain tureen, the color and fragrance of good tea can be truly restored.

Making tea in a thermos cup is often only a compromise when you are out of the house and on the way out, when the conditions for making tea are limited.

After all, in any case, the principle of making tea in a thermos cup is to release the tea-flavored substances under continuous high temperature.

Essentially, it was an overdrive, massive, excessive release.

In detail, this is similar to making coffee with a siphon pot.

But coffee beans, derived from the fruit of the plant, are relatively more “skinned”.

The essential properties of coffee beans determine that it is suitable for such extraction method.

But tea is an exception.

thermos cup tea

Tea leaves are mainly taken from the young shoots and fresh leaves of tea trees, which are relatively young and tender.

Brewing tea directly with a thermos cup will destroy a lot of delicate tea flavor and tea fragrance level at constant temperature and high temperature.

That being the case, it is better to change a method.

Rather than using the thermos cup as a tool for making tea directly, it is better to think of it as a tool for holding tea.

Before going out in spring, make tea at home first.

According to the old method in the past, after each tea is carefully brewed with a tureen, it is then transferred into a thermos cup while it is hot.

Screw on the lid, put it in a backpack, and take it with you.

In this way, the problem of strong tea flavor and bitterness can be solved once and for all, and it is more worry-free when drinking tea!

A tea lover once asked melancholy, does it look bad to make tea in a thermos cup?

how you said that? The tea friend went on to say: Because of work, I often use a thermos cup to make tea. I think it is a kind of enjoyment, and I can drink tea to refresh myself very conveniently.

But some people say that this doesn’t respect the tea culture at all, it’s a waste of good tea, and making tea in a thermos cup is really an alternative!

There is one thing to say, such arguing theory does not need to be ignored.

Don’t argue with fools, you can reduce most of the troubles in life.

There is a saying that is very good, I am the master of my territory.

Make your own tea as you like, just make it comfortable and comfortable.

When it comes to making tea, why not use a thermos cup? Why bother with those “moral kidnapping” voices?

As the old saying goes, a gentleman is not a weapon, and he is not tired of things.

Make a cup of tea, the taste of the tea soup is satisfying, the aftertaste is comfortable, and the key point is to relax the body and mind.

As for those disturbing messy voices, don’t pay too much attention to them!


Post time: Feb-20-2023